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I’ve always liked writing. My enthusiasm for writing has a number of threads to it. I enjoy the doing of it; trying to make it readable and useful or useful and entertaining. I enjoy sharing what I’ve had to root-around to find and have, very often, realised while doing that the need to have the information that I’ve needed to discover, and found helpful, presented in a more accessible way.
When I was a junior school pupil I enthusiastically wrote a story called The Gun Runners and Mr X. The action was mainly of visits to warehouses and car chases with gunfire. Bear in mind that I was 10 years old when writing the story and commercial television had just started-up then. My class teacher, Mister Rogerson, gave me an orange exercise-book to write it in to. I remember, fondly, the English lesson with him that involved us as small groups having to construct a newspaper on sheets of B2 paper. The planning amongst our groups, I remember, was exciting to us and gave us the romantic sense of being more grown up because we were trusted to work it all out for ourselves and determine amongst ourselves what we all thought we should do with our newspaper.
I started writing plays too, when I was still at junior school. The one play of mine that I remember was about a plane high-jacking; it was written on small squares of paper that my mother used to bring home for me from the suite of offices where she cleaned. The play was about a passenger plane hijack with bad-guys tricking the cabin crew into opening the usually secured door of the captain’s cabin etc.,. I’m impressed with my young self when I remember that I described the cast of characters and the details of the environment for each scene. Watching television probably influenced the threads of my stories and my drive to make up imagined worlds. Can’t think of anything else I could have picked-up-on to cause me to want to do it.
There will always be more to do.
I’ve studied English literature; English language; history of the twentieth century; developmental psychology; history of science; history of music; history of religion; history of art; fine art; philosophy; mathematics; various modern languages.
I play a wide range of musical instruments and have taught guitar and ukulele technique.
Tai chi, Tai chi Ruler, Shibashi, Qi gong, Eight Strand Brocade practitioner and tutor.
I make art and sell it.
Have published a large number of e-books as well as paperbacks.
am interested in, of course, writing and others’ writing, gadgets, crafts, historic buildings, seeing what’s out there.
I enjoy being happy, writing and a broad range of music, browsing galleries, museums and exhibitions, spa hotels, very strong coffee, a good natter, meeting new people but keeping the old(friends).

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